As I sit down to write this blog, I have just returned from a short fishing trip with my three year-old grandson. This little guy has not only stolen my heart, but on this trip especially, he stole my attention with his seemingly unstoppable need for discovery! “Papa, why do the waves chase us?”. Whether we are 3 or 93, I am more convinced than ever that discovery is oxygen to our souls and occasionally, if we are patient, our discoveries lead us to an even more powerful experience we call awe. And we all know awe does not disappoint.


As a life-long naturalist and professional biologist, I have learned there are many pathways to discovery, many ways to search out a matter that leads to awe, but one sticks out as especially unique and powerful. Allow me to introduce you to the idea of experiencing Scripture in the outdoor classroom.


This experiential approach to discovery and learning is possible because of powerful little verses in the Bible called Visible VersesTM. Visible VersesTM are Bible verses that refer to some aspect of the world around us in order to communicate biblical truth. Each Visible VerseTM contains one or more creation references that can be “seen” with one or more of our 5 senses. Visible VersesTM are unique because they contain both a spiritual and scientific message, thus allowing them to be seen and experienced.


This experiential discovery process guides scientific exploration, enhances personal discovery, and promotes spiritual growth through a practical, hands on approach to learning. I have seen first hand how experiencing Scripture in the outdoor classroom ignites creative thinking and fosters curiosity and intrigue in adults and children alike.


Both teacher and student will find that when the truth of Scripture is combined with the realities of nature, an explosion of learning takes place. It is my hope that as you embrace this process of experiential learning, that you will make a personal discovery as I did many years ago: That experiencing Scripture in God’s creation is a natural, life invigorating way to live. All that is needed, based on the teaching of my 3 year-old grandson, is a child-like curiosity in the truth of Scripture and the world of nature it so often refers.


  1. Recall a time when you made a discovery that ignited a strong sense of awe and wonder in you. How many people did you share it with?
  2. Why was this discovery so important to you? Why was it important to share with others?
  3. List several ways you can add more discovery and awe in your life. How might you use Visible Verses to help foster discovery and learning?